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M&H have years of experience under their belt and are specialists in Fleet Insurance, so they are exactly who you need to be advising you on the best way of making sure you’re protected.

Buying motor fleet insurance is vital for businesses that have a fleet or company vehicles. Having motor fleet insurance gives peace of mind for instances such as damage, personal injury and theft.

✔ Own goods - Minimum 3 vehicles

✔ Haulage - Minimum 5 vehicles

✔Any Driver over 25

✔No previous Fleet experience required

✔Fleet rated and NCD rated risks accommodated

✔Combine private and commercial vehicles

Rest assure and feel free to ask one of our trained professionals  for more assistance.

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Follow our simple steps to get a motor fleet insurance quote today – our brokers’ relationships with key insurers means they are well-placed to offer competitive deals. Damage, theft and accidents are all risks to fleets, so ensure you stay protected whether you have a haulage, courier or even a personal fleet. Immediate cover is available and flexible payment plans.

✔ Fleets from 3 to 30 vehicles
✔ Mixed vehicle fleet cover available
✔ Mixed cover fleets
✔ NCB or Claims rated fleets
✔ Top rated insurer panel including Aviva, AXA, Allianz, Ageas, Lloyds of London and NIG




Cover your fleet with the most suitable policy for your needs, which you can find with the help of our specialist brokers. Our motor fleet insurance protects against damage to a broad range of vehicles from cars, HGVs, trucks and vans as well as mixed fleets. You can also cover any driver over 21 (subject to terms and conditions) and even take out a bespoke policy that fits around your circumstances for more peace of mind in every eventuality.

Fleet Car Insurance for Everyone
You don’t have to be in business to qualify for motor fleet insurance – if you want to protect your own fleet of cars we can provide cover for a range of vehicles. However, commercial fleet insurance is also available and our experienced commercial fleet insurance brokers can arrange a quote for you quickly and tailored to your business’s needs.

Get a Fleet Car Insurance Quote Today!
Get immediate cover and flexible payment options with cover that is suitable for specialist haulage and courier companies. Let our highly skilled brokers guide you through the process making it as easy as possible.