Why Us


We are experts in let property insurance.
We offer a range of cover for commercial properties from shops to warehouses.
Competitive premiums with specialist insurers.


Here at M&H we are committed to providing bespoke cover to their customers and as specialists in the market, and are able to provide a policy to match their needs. Unique covers we offer include:

1. Landlords liability insurance

2. Loss of rent insurance

3. Cover for unoccupied property

Rest assure and feel free to ask one of our trained professionals  for more assistance.

TEL: 0121 773 1234

Specialist Cover​

Why do landlords need insurance?

Commercial landlord’s insurance acts as a risk transfer mechanism. This gives the landlord peace of mind as they can pay an annual premium in return for protection against a number of risks including fire, theft, malicious damage, storm, flood and subsidence.

A commercial property insurance policy can also provide public and employers liability cover, rental income and legal expenses cover.

Why use an insurance broker instead of going direct?

A benefit of using an insurance broker is that they are able to offer neutral advice as well as approaching a number of markets to ensure that the customer is given the most suitable policy for their requirements at a competitive price. The broker will also help give expert advice throughout the duration of the policy on claims, adjustments and at the renewal of the policy.

What is a policy excess and do I have to pay this?

A policy excess is the first amount of any claim that you will have to pay. This is compulsory on any insurance policy.

How do I report an incident or a claim?

In the event of a claim please call  

0121 773 1234 . One of our specialist advisor's will be able to assist you in getting the claim resolved.



​Do I need to inform you if anything changes during the course of my insurance?

You must inform us of any material changes to your policy throughout the year. These changes would include any fact or circumstance, which would affect the judgement of a prudent underwriter in considering whether to accept a risk or not e.g. any previous claims or convictions.
If you would like further advice regarding material facts please call us on  

0121 7731234

What are the ‘Minimum Standards of Security'?
Most commercial landlord’s insurance policies include a minimum standard of security condition. This means that the insurers will expect a basic level of security that is acceptable to them, if this is not adhered to any future claims at the property may be affected.  The minimum standards of security may differ from insurer to insurer; however, the basic requirement will usually be:

Locks on all external doors that comply with British Standards approved locking systems.
Key operated window locks to all ground floor and accessible opening windows.
The insurer may carry out a survey or risk management questionnaire at the inception of the policy, which may lead to other forms of protection being requested.

Can cover be provided whilst unoccupied or in-between tenants?
Unoccupied property insurance can be offered by a number of our markets. An unoccupied property is more high risk to the insurer due to the likelihood of a claim arising. Most insurers will provide cover on a restricted basis of fire, lightning, explosion and aircraft only until the property becomes fully occupied.