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Courier insurance is a welcome necessity for businesses that transport goods for hire or deliver items as the ever-important final part of the sales process. As companies who operate in this sector are well aware, the role of the courier is not limited to simply moving goods or equipment - you're relied upon to carry items that must be delivered to often-demanding third parties.

Delivery and logistics-led organisations require courier insurance to operate safely, whether you're part of a furniture removal company, meals on wheels service or a leading electronics retailer, so we provide tailored quotes to suit every business niche.

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With courier insurance from M&H, you can expect to receive a fantastic range of benefits, such as:

  1. The lowest prices GUARANTEED*
  2. Up to 50% introductory discounts for new ventures
  3. Any driver cover
  4. Goods in transit and liability cover available as low-cost optional extras
  5. No mileage restrictions
  6. 24-hour claims assistance

Level of Cover



All M&H courier insurance policies offer drivers at least the minimum level of cover required by law in EU member countries, meaning they are compatible should you need to deliver to or from the continent. For travel outside of the EU, or for information about the requirements of courier insurance specific to your industry, do not hesitate to get in touch - we'll be happy to discuss your options.