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Home Insurance


We have a range of policies available to you, designed to cover your property. Whatever you are looking for we are certain we have the right policy for you, and will tailor it to specifically meet your needs.

Cover available for:

1. Buildings*

2. Contents*

3. Building and Contents cover combined

4. Personal Belongings

5. Home and Garden Package

6. Specified Business Equipment

7. Frozen and Refrigerated Foods

Rest assure and feel free to ask one of our trained professionals  for more assistance.

TEL: 0121 773 1234

*(with the option of accidental damage)


Home Insurance and House Insurance, including Building and Contents Insurance, is selected from only home insurers with a proven track record for excellent claims and customer service. This way we are confident in the home insurance policies we offer.

All Risks Cover

This is an extension to the standard contents policy. It allows you to insure your personal possessions away from the property, anywhere in the world:  If you own cameras, camcorders, jewellery and similar possessions then it may be a good idea to make sure these are covered away from the home  The all risks section covers the items against accidental loss, damage and theft usually with a single item limit of £1,500. Items valued more than £1,500 can be be specified so they are also covered. The cost of this section depends on the amount you choose to insure. As an indication £2,000 all risks cover will increase the premium by approximately £30 - £40.



Valuable and High Risk items

When it comes to home content insurance, UK insurers do not necessarily consider the most expensive items in your home as the greatest risks.

All policies have a limit within the contents sum insured you have selected for Valuable Items. Insurers differ on what they consider valuable items but we have put together a list of the most popular items.





Silver or precious metal


Works of art & curios

Stamp or coin collections

Business equipment

Clocks & watches

Cameras, camera equipment & binoculars

Typically the insurers will allow 25% of your total contents cover to be made up of valuables (the items above) Example Your contents cover is £40,000. 25% valuables limit is £10,000.

Also look out for single item limits within the overall valuables limits. Most insurers have a single item limit of £1,500 so any individual items or collections above this limit will need to be specified on your policy.


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