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Are you looking for a motor trade insurer that really understands your business?

At M & H Insurance we are committed to serving the needs of the independent motor trade specialist. Our policies are designed to be flexible, so you only pay for the cover you need. We have competitive quotes from a number of expert UK motor trade insurers. They can cover you for road risks, premises, demo use, trailers, imports, motorcycles and much more ...

Motor Trade Road Risk Insurance

You can be confident that we will provide you with a road risk motor trade insurance policy that suits your individual trade from our panel of motor trade insurance providers. Our highly experienced staff are here to find the best motor trade insurance that best meets your requirements and budget.

Cover available for:

1. Personal Cars

2. Stock Cars

3. Demonstration Cover

4. Social & Domestic Pleasure

     Motor Trade use and other occupations 

     that maybe specified

5. Stock cars stored to an agreed Indemnity


Rest assure and feel free to ask one of our trained professionals  for more assistance.

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Your Motor Trade Insurance questions answered
Does the car need to be owned and insured by somebody else? No unlike DOC on a car policy the trade policy covers the policyholder to drive the customer’s vehicles for trade use even if the customer’s car does not have insurance on it currently.

Can I drive vehicles with no Tax? Only if you acquire trade plates from the DVLA.

What vehicles can I drive?

CV up to 7.5 T Vehicles with more than 8 seats(not 7)


Do I qualify for a motor trade insurance policy?

Are you a motor trader?
Most good brokers and insurers will ask for certain criteria before selling a Motor Trade policy.

To qualify for a Motor Trade policy obviously you must be actively buying and selling cars or working in the motor service industry.

Buying and selling cars?

Most insurance companies will want to see you turning over a minimum of 6 vehicles a year even on a part time basis.

We do have an insurance company that do not have restrictions on how many vehicles are brought and sold but they do require that you are actively buying and selling.

This is in addition to changing your own personal vehicle.

The vehicles must be brought and sold with a view to sell on for a profit and not just for your own personal use.




How do I prove to the insurance company that I have been selling cars?

Brokers or insurer might request proof of trading before they go on cover.

This can be purchase receipts copy of invoices or your accounts.

If this can't be produced and you have confirmed that you have been trading before cover can be cancelled by the broker or insurer

Some insurers will do a spot check and request this information half way through an insurance year

What happens if I have a trade policy and am not trading?

In the event of an accident if you can't provide adequate proof that you have been actively trading in the insurance period the insurance company have the right not to pay the claim

If this happens they will also cancel the insurance policy

If I work in the motor service industry part time can I have a trade policy?

Yes - There are two kinds of policies available a motorserve or motor trade. The motor serve will cover the vehicle you run and then cover your customers vehicle for you to move or test drive following service or repairs

Motor trade policy will cover you the same but will able you to run the customers vehicle or keep it for longer periods if need be and will cover all your vehicles not just one vehicle as the motor serve policy does.