Car Insurance


It comes up time and time again. Car drivers call us not expecting any difference from

M & H Insurance and are amazed we can help them with a quality car insurance deal.

Cover available for:

1. Young Drivers

2. Female Drivers

3. Newly Qualified Drivers

4. Drivers  Up to 74YRS

5. Accidents & Convicted Drivers

6. Driving Other Cars

7. High Value Cars 

8. Prestige Cars

9. Imported Cars 

10. Modified Cars

11. 4x4 Cars

12. Multi Car Policy

13. High Performance


1. Introductory Discounts

2. 2nd Car Discount

3.  Pass Plus Discounts

4.  Protected No Claims

5.  Voluntary Excess Option

5.  Excess Protection

7.  Approved Repair

8.  Courtesy  Car

9. Glass Cover

10.  GAP Cover 

Rest assure and feel  free to ask one of our trained professionals  for more assistance.

TEL: 0121 773 1234

2nd Car Discount

Car Insurance at the right price and with excellent cover. Whatever the make or model of your car, whether you have just passed or if you have a poor claims history, M&H has the car insurance for you.

We also specialise in high value car insurance, i.e. cars valued over £40,000.

Second car discount

Many households now have more than one vehicle.Unfortunately, any No Claims Discount (NCD) earned, or No Claims Bonus (NCB) as it is sometimes called, is only acceptable on One Vehicle. Any subsequent vehicles must start again on Nil No Claims.

We have negotiated with a number of insurers, that any NCB earnt on the first car, the equivalent introductory discount, can be given on the second car. You can also earn a better NCB on the second vehicle.

All that is needed to meet this criteria is proof of your current NCB.

Peace of Mind



We're not just another Car Insurance provider! Steady growth, a proud history of developing staff and a keen understanding of what our customer want, means that we have developed into a company with a strong professional pedigree.

Not only that, M&H are proud to be part of the Admiral Group who are committed to ensuring that all its brands are competently managed, investing time and money into the long-term stability of the company. This approach to management is focused to protect the best interests of all its customers and staff.