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Whether your property is up for sale or awaiting tenants for example, our policies are flexible, cost effective and easy to arrange.

Unoccupied property insurance and unoccupied house insurance is very specialised and the cover provided by insurers can be restrictive. We have a panel of insurers that have expertise in unoccupied property insurance. We can even cover theft and malicious damage, if required, as well as landlords contents insurance cover.

Cover available for:

1. Unoccupied Properties*
2. Listed Building
3. Flat Roofs
4. FlEEA and Perils cover

Rest assure and feel free to ask one of our trained professionals  for more assistance.

TEL: 0121 773 1234




Unoccupied - Problem with getting Unoccupied Property Insurance?

It's true that insurance companies do not like a property to be unoccupied, especially from the inception of the insurance. This is why unoccupied property insurance is specialised.

There may be many reasons why your property will be unoccupied from the inception of the policy.


Pending let

Pending sale


We have a select panel of specialist unoccupied property insurers. Some offer more cover than others, some are more expensive than others but whatever your needs we can arrange the right unoccupied property insurance for you.


Does unoccupied property insurance cost more?

Yes, you can expect to pay a bit more for unoccupied property insurance.

How much depends on:

why it's unoccupied

how long unoccupied

is any building work in progress

what you plan to do with the property

At M&H our panel of insurers specialise in this area so rates are reduced for us. We also know the markets very well so we know how to get the best deal from our insurers.

We can also offer short period unoccupied property insurance cover to reduce the premium for you.

What unoccupied property insurance cover is available?

Any insurers that deal in this area usually offer the standard Fire, Lightning, Earthquake and Explosion (FLEE) cover. You will also receive cover for property owners liability.

This may be ok for you, if so we can offer you several insurers premiums and policies.

If you are looking for more extensive cover we are able to add theft and even malicious damage cover for you. These extras cost a bit more, you need to decide what is best for you, and of course we can help.

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